SA007 – Miscellany

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Adam Ross & Joshua Anderson

Show Notes:

iPad 1st Gen

Guided Access

iWork for iCloud Beta

iWork for iCloud Beta Apps Now Accessible Without an Apple Device | Mac Rumors

Google Drive

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Visio

OmniGraffle Pro

OmniFocus Pro

OmniOutliner Pro

Omni Sync Server

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Apple now protects FaceTime and iMessage with two-step verification | The Verge

The dark side of Apple’s two-factor authentication by Owen Williams | The Next Web


FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance

xkcd: Password Strength (correct horse battery staple)

GRC’s SQRL Secure Quick Reliable Login

Apple promotes ‘Pay Once and Play’ games in App Store | The Verge


Clash of Clans

Apple increases the maximum size of iOS app binaries for the first time ever | Ars Technica

NCIS (TV Series)



Rosewill Steel Wire Keycap Puller (RKA-100)


Matias Keyboards

Tactile Pro


Intro music by: Kevin McCloud