SA010 – Piecemeal

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Adam Ross & Joshua Anderson

Show Notes:

Sour Apples 009 – Watch Me I’m Spinning

Adam’s CFO: Camille Ross

iPad mini 2

— “Squirrel!” DRINK! (Dr. Pepper)

Chromebook Pixel 2nd Gen

USB Type-C

The Onion: Apple MacBook vs. Google Chromebook Pixel

— Apple startup sound: “DOOOOOM!” DRINK! (Dr. Pepper)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

— “42” DRINK! (Dr. Pepper)

NCIS (TV Series)

Microsoft Retail Stores

Apple Retail Stores

Joshua meant: “hand over fist”. Yeah he got it wrong twice. He just moved on. 😛

— “Thought explosion.” DRINK! (Dr. Pepper)

Mac Pro



HP Stream Notebook

From Sour Apples 009:

MacBook (Early 2015 w/UBC-Type C)

Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

Apple USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Apple Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

The Verge: PC makers mock Apple’s new MacBook

MacRumors: Apple Wireless Keyboard With Backlight Keys

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac/iPad/iPhone

Matias Keyboards

Atomic Delights: How Apple Makes the Watch

Amazon Fire Game Controller

Apple TV


TinyScan Pro



Flash Player Help / Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS


Intro music by: Kevin McCloud