SA007 – Miscellany

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Sour Apples on iTunes


Adam Ross & Joshua Anderson

Show Notes:

iPad 1st Gen

Guided Access

iWork for iCloud Beta

iWork for iCloud Beta Apps Now Accessible Without an Apple Device | Mac Rumors

Google Drive

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Visio

OmniGraffle Pro

OmniFocus Pro

OmniOutliner Pro

Omni Sync Server

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Apple now protects FaceTime and iMessage with two-step verification | The Verge

The dark side of Apple’s two-factor authentication by Owen Williams | The Next Web


FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance

xkcd: Password Strength (correct horse battery staple)

GRC’s SQRL Secure Quick Reliable Login

Apple promotes ‘Pay Once and Play’ games in App Store | The Verge


Clash of Clans

Apple increases the maximum size of iOS app binaries for the first time ever | Ars Technica

NCIS (TV Series)



Rosewill Steel Wire Keycap Puller (RKA-100)


Matias Keyboards

Tactile Pro


Intro music by: Kevin McCloud

SA006 – Archetypes

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Sour Apples on iTunes


Adam Ross & Joshua Anderson

Show Notes:


SourApples 000 – Anorexic Apple

Imagine Publishing


Paper makes iPad drawing tools free as it seeks to sell more Pencils | The Verge

Paper by FiftyThree — WebsiteiPad App

Pencil by FiftyThree

Hand Stylus

Targus Stylus


Corning’s sapphire-like glass keeps your smartphone scratch-free | Engadget

Schools ban watches from exams to keep cheating off wrists | Engadget

Apple Watch Drink!

CNI Radio

The Apple Watch Will Bring Glucose Tracking to Your Wrist | Gizmodo

Apple Pay

SourApples 001 – Current Seeking

Checkbook Pro by Splasm

ARM Architecture

Reduced instruction set computing (RISC)

Complex instruction set computing (CISC)


Why Apple might consider leaving Intel’s x86 for its own ARM chips in future Macs | AppleInsider

Five barriers that might hold Apple back from moving Intel Macs to custom ARM chips | AppleInsider

Motorola 68000


Apple’s transition to Intel processors

Universal binary


Power Mac G5

Power Mac G4

Mac Pro


Microsoft Surface

Raspberry Pi 2

SourApples 000 – Anorexic Apple

SourApples 005 – Cheesy Mac

“PCs are going to be like trucks. They’re still going to be around, they’re still going to have a lot of value, but they’re going to be used by one out of X people.” – Steve Jobs (at D8)

MacBook Pro

MacBook Air

OWC: Other World Computing

Mac Pro (Second Generation)

Mac mini

Asus Podfone


Backstrom (TV Series)

Prediction for Apple announcing they had OS X on ARM:

Adam: 2008-2009 (since iOS 2 / iOS 3)

Joshua: 2010 (because of the intro of the 2nd Generation of the Apple TV, and because it was heading into OS X Lion)


My Data Manager

Transmit iOS


Adam’s Duplo (Lego) Minefield


Intro music by: Kevin McCloud